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Indo Kratom

Indo Kratom

Indonesia is one of the world's largest countries, so Indo Kratom rather says less about a real variety than about an area of origin, Indo Bali Kratom is even more region specific.

Kratom is not outlawed in Bali Indonesia, as this country has seen only very limited historical use of Kratom. Our Bali Indo Kratom stems from different legal plantations situated in different regions of Bali, at different altitudes and in different climate zones of the country. You could say this is an attempt to blend different Kratom varieties into one all-rounder product to combine the best properties of various Kratom strains into one single, balanced and standardized product - not an easy task given the fact that nature does not really like "standardizing." The results though have proven us right - with this Indo Kratom blend you won't find the fluctuations in quality as you will encounter with the more localized Kratom strains and the proportion of the alkaloids is more balanced and reliable - a very important property for any top quality incense - you would not like to spoil your nose from incalculable smoke densities, would you?

Low price, safe legal status, reliable supply and high predictability of aroma have made Bali Kratom the real workhorse of today's international Kratom Incense market.

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