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Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is one of the more controversial and mysterious Kratom varieties. It originates from Thailand - "Maeng Da" means pimp in Thai language -, but recent Maeng Da Kratom leaves do not necessarily have to come from Thailand. Maeng Da strains have for instance recently also been planted on Bali. Some providers claim that Maeng Da is a "genetically engineered" Kratom strain, but this seems highly unlikely, as there is no proof of scientific manipulations with Kratom.

Whatever the truth, it can be stated that Maeng Da is commonly considered the strongest natural Kratom strain - its potency only rivaled by some extracts and essences that can not be found as true leaves like Maeng Da.

Like other Kratom strains from Thailand, also Maeng Da Kratom is found to be mostly energizing. The typical Maeng Da Kratom fans insist that Maeng Kratom combines a more "mellow feeling" with rapidly insetting effects already achieved at very low doses. They claim that this way Maeng Da Kratom is also more economical than other kratom products.

Critics however maintain that the effects of Maeng Da Kratom are not as long lasting as the effects from other strains and that Maeng Da Kratom can also have a depressing edge to it. Definitely Maeng Da Kratom is less euphorizing than some of the competitors.

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